Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Vaca!

Jaydon had the opportunity to go to Washougal this year for Nationals (dirtbikes) so Mark & I packed up the car and took Bolton & Trenton to the beach, DSC_0048and did we have a great time or what!

  You know when you do laundry and there is more sand in the dryer lint catcher than lint… and I rinsed everything out at the hotel before packing, lol.  DSC_0056

Bolton loves sucking his thumb… every time we’d have to wash his face and then try to get as much of it out of his mouth as possible, but he didn’t care!


DSC_0071 Trenton got a new kite (we couldn’t find the one we usually bring… ugh).  The highlight of my day was watching Mark “baywatch” run to get the kite after Bolton had unhooked it from the car!  Wish I had a video camera and had not had my legs buried in the sand (thanks Mark & Trenton).




After a fun filled day at the beach we hit a great restaurant (we’ve been there many times) where they have chalkboard tables for the “kids” to doodle on before their meal gets there…  Galway Bay!


We stayed 2 nights and then went to our favorite hotel in Tukwila, WA (Comfort Inn & Suites) and then headed home on Sunday.  It was a wonderful time spent with the 2 youngest and although we missed Jaydon (he came home Sunday night), the boys needed the break from each other.


Now I have to get back to that laundry and off this computer!

Thanks for stopping by!


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