Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Favorite Hostess Set!


I don’t know if I can really choose or not, but if I had to make a decision today this set would07132011203 have to be my new favorite hostess only set!  Ask me again tomorrow, that might change, lol.

The new hostess program is easy to use and allows you to get even more of the products you love for FREE or for 50% off!  Who doesn’t love that?

Here is a brief description of how it works…  You pick a time and date, I come to your house or host your friends and family in my craft room, your workshop sales are $150.00 (before shipping and tax).  You instantly get to pick $25.00 worth of product!!!  Yippee for you!  Now here is where it gets fun!  There are hostess ONLY sets,  like the one pictured above… it is a $13.95 (clear) or $18.95 (wood) value but if you want to use your hostess $$ for this set of 5 gorgeous stamps it will only cost you $8 (clear) or $11 (wood) from your $25.00.

Now say you don’t like ANY of the hostess sets?  Well, I doubt that is possible, but if it is… you can use your $25.00 hostess credit on ANYTHING in the catalog! 

Okay, say you have the best friends in the world and they all place orders (easy to do!) and your workshop is over $400 (before shipping & tax) now you will get $65.00 in Hostess credit and one item in the catalog at 1/2 off!  That means that you could buy the big shot for $50.00, have $65.00 to spend on dies for the big shot, have a wonderful time with friends and family, and have made some new creations all for just hosting a workshop!

Workshops aren’t for everyone and I understand that, with 3 kids myself and the 4th on the way!  But they are easy and if you don’t want to do it at your home, you do have other options… a catalog party (just gather orders and reap the benefits) or schedule a time to have it in my space!

Either way, the benefits are great!  Let me know if I can help you earn free goodies!  To see the breakdown of the new hostess benefits click here.



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