Friday, November 19, 2010


I participated (3rd year) in the Brownville Elementary Craft Bazaar this past weekend and really had a wonderful time.


There were some highlights… the fire alarm went off on Sunday morning due to a raisin getting stuck in the toaster.  Firemen came, the venders lounge smelled like burnt toast but all in all people were friendly about it and it woke us all up better than an espresso!


I have tons of left over stuff and my craft room is still in disarray from packing up everything (3 tables plus supplies plus product to sell) and then bringing it all back in and being too exhausted to do anything!

11102010020  I have 5 of these guys left.  They are coffee cozies and I am selling them for $5.00.  Plus I will ship them for free while supplies last!  I also have some floral ones I just have not had a change to take a picture, upload it and post it yet…


Priority number one is clean up my mess…  I am ashamed but here is what the craft room is looking like right now:  11172010026

It is putting a MAJOR damper on my creative juices and I must get it cleaned up!  UGH, where are the magical cleaning ferries when I need them?


When I get it cleaned up and photo ready I will try to post a picture of it!  Look for that to come in the approximately 2 decades as I will be raising kids until at least then, lol!


Happy Friday to you all!  and please leave a comment even if it is just a HI, it’s always nice to know that you are reading this!


Hugs, Heather

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  1. OMGosh... the coffee cozies are GREAT!!! I sent you an email requesting your mailing address to send your cartridges.... just waiting for a response to mail them out!!! In case you didn't get it, my email is fittertwit at yahoo dot com.