Thursday, October 22, 2009

Challenge Update

It has been WAY over a week!  Sorry I did not post earlier… it has been busy, story of all of our lives, I know!  I did however get one (very lonely) email in regards to the challenge!  Sheila submitted her design… here is the email she sent with it explaining who she did this for… Thanks Sheila!

Hello Heather,

Ok, this is what I created!!  I made this one for a man in our church that is stationed overseas for a year.  I made this one to send to him with a note of appreciation for what he is doing and 12 more like it.  However, instead of "thank you" cards I made them "thinking of you" cards for him to be able to send home to loved ones.

This is a great idea!

Have a super day,


And here is her card:

For winning the challenge (great odds by the way *wink*) Sheila is receiving the Large Oval Punch at no charge!  A $15.95 (plus tax and shipping) value! 
Thank you again Sheila for taking the time to make the cards and making someone’s day!
… Next challenge… coming soon!

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