Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day 2012

This past weekend/week has been a crazy one and I have to admit I have not inked up a stamp for over a week (insert gasp here)! Saturday was Trenton’s birthday party at our house and there were over 25 people here. It was a blast! (I only do big parties for the kids on their 1st, 5th, 10th, and 16th birthdays, otherwise it is just really close friends and family). My Dad came down and spent the night, my Mom and Step-dad came down for a few hours, Mark’s parents and Sister and Bro-in-law were here too plus some great family friends and a few kids (and their families) from Trenton’s Preschool. It was a wonderful day, the weather was PERFECT!, and everyone *I hope* had a great time!DSC_0064

Then it was Mother’s day. This year was wonderful. DSC_0066We went to Sluy’s Bakery in old town Poulsbo, WA. If you have not been there, I highly suggest you DO and SOON! Each of us picked out our favorites or a new one to try and then walked over to the waterfront park for Breakfast! Then played around walked on the boardwalk, played on the beach and just thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

DSC_0068 We were back home by 11 am and just lounged around for a bit and then went out foDSC_0070r a great dinner.

Thank youDSC_0071 hubby for making this day a special one! DSC_0069









I’m thinking I need to make a mini-album 6x6 size or something with our experiences of the day!

What do you do with special event pictures? Do you put them in a big family scrapbook? Do each of your kids have their own scrapbook and you print off multiple pictures of these types of events? Are you a traditional scrapbooker or a digital one? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and how you go about doing this… or if you do it at all?

Many Blessings!


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