Saturday, April 14, 2012

One year ago…

A year ago today I was in Bellingham, taking care of my beloved Grandma.  Grandma Jo and I were very close and I remember spending a LOT of time over at my grandparent’s house during my childhood.  We lived with them for a while when I was 2 and my Dad was building our house (that was 28 years ago!)  I remember each Saturday going over to Grandma (and Grandpa)’s house to help with chores and then my Mom, Sister, Grandma and I packing in the car to go grocery shopping.  I remember doing my Grandma’s hair for her in my youth.  I remember going to Church with them EVERY Sunday and then having lunch every other Sunday with them. And even as I grew up, got married, had babies and lived my life, I held my Grandma very close to my heart!  I remember brushing her hair in those final days of her life…

And although I am sad and tomorrow (April 15th) will be emotional and heartbreaking, I am also grateful that she is in a much better place and has no pain!   I’ve posted a few pages of the in the past, I’ll post some more today and the rest of this week! 

Jo Peters-005 Jo Peters-006 Jo Peters-007 Jo Peters-008 Jo Peters-009 Jo Peters-010

The pictures here were taken when my Grandparents were married and my Mother was born! 


Thank you for letting me share these with you!

Happy Stamping!


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