Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rolls of Advent Calendars

I am ashamed to admit that I was a bit of a hoarder when it came to empty toilet paper rolls, I saved and saved.  My original thought was to use them for starts in the garden, but I never did get around to doing that... and the pile was growing.  So when I found this pin on Pinterest (the "P" word in  our house).

I knew I had a winner! And guess what, we had enough for each kid to make their own (yup, 100 toilet paper rolls!!!)

Here is what ours turned out looking like! And if you use Designer Series Paper Stacks there is NO CUTTING! They fit right on those things!

I love how these turned out! I'm have to admit that looking at fun ways to use TP Rolls has inspired me to start saving them all over again! Husband beware LOL!

What creative things have you done with empty TP Rolls?

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