Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 2010 Challenge

It is Christmas in July!

Scrapbooking Challenge:

  1. Scrapbook a Christmas Page! 

Card Challenge:

  1. Create a Christmas card; or better yet, make a pack of 10 handmade Christmas cards and package it up for a gift to someone less craft-inclined; step it up another notch and offer to get together with them and make more.  If you make a card, send me a picture and you get one entry into the drawing, create a gift pack and get two entries into the drawing, share a crafty experience with a friend and get three entries into the drawing!  The friend can take a picture of the card and email it to me and be placed in the drawing too!

Deadline: July 31st

Prize & Winner announced: August 5th

For “The Fine Print” look here.

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